Monday, October 18, 2010

Dinosaur Train Cake - From PBS show "Dinosaur Train"

My son, Elijah, wanted a Dinosaur Train cake for his 4th birthday party. I made the cake half vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream and half chocolate with mocha buttercream. This was the first time I did that and the cake kind of dipped in the middle where the two cakes met. The dinosaurs on top (the Pteranadon family) are plastic, but everything else is made from marshmallow fondant, buttercream icing, or royal icing. The nest is made from choc. buttercream with Wilton's tip #233. I made a template on the computer of the dinosaur train and cut it up (puzzle like) into sections and cut the rolled fondant using the puzzle template pieces. I molded the dinosaurs in the train (Mr. Conductor, Buddy the T-rex, & Shiny Pteranadon) from fondant and stuck them on a toothpick, so I could insert them into the cake.

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  1. I'm just looking for a bit of inspiration before I start making a dinosaur train cake this morning. I love this-- it's gorgeous!